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Cryptocurrencies have been covering more and more space since in 2000 Bitcoin entered the fray with its promising technological platform called blockchain. Like everything, initially aroused between curiosity and suspicion, until now it is much more accepted. Let's talk about what to buy with Bitcoins. Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrencies. It was born at the end of 2008, when of course it was not yet accepted as a form of payment in any establishment; the relevance of something so ethereal could become a currency of exchange was still being debated. It is a known fact that the first transaction that was canceled with the cryptocurrency turned out to be the purchase of a couple of pizzas, which required 10,000 Bitcoins. At that time the owner of the pizzeria was criticized by people for giving away his merchandise for something that was worth nothing. The story has changed. What to buy with Bitcoins? In a relatively few years this cryptoactive began to be valued and a variety of establishments emerged - in principle digital - that proudly displayed their “Bitcoins accepted here” signs. In a second stage, physical businesses joined in this crusade to accept the new currency. It should be remembered that throughout history there have been many articles, products, materials and others that have served for the exchange of goods and services. However, the fact that it was absolutely intangible was a real novelty. Even so, the platform continued to evolve, agglutinating critical mass, which strengthened its use both as a store of value and as a currency of exchange. Sky Marketing strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like blue world city Islamabad What we know today as digital wallets also appeared, through which we have the possibility of trading or converting amounts from that virtual world to more orthodox funds. Surely, for those who live immersed in the digital space, the advance of Bitcoin - and other cryptocurrencies - as widespread forms of payment will be very slow. The point is that the monopoly of the legal currencies in progress is held by the States, which have been very cautiously giving ground to these initiatives that are alien to them. List of goods and services that you can buy with Bitcoin Let's see what can currently be purchased with bitcoins directly: Domains and web hosting. Software use licenses. Affiliations to online gaming platforms. Affiliations to video console networks. Digital licenses for video games. Gift cards from various portals. Travel and lodging on online sites. Furniture, decoration and lingerie. Funeral services. Clothes and footwear. Tourist plans. Rent a car. Food and drinks. Electronic devices. Computers and accessories. Mobile phones. Legal advisory services. Rental of suits. Home furniture.   The list tends to infinity thanks to the fact that more and more people are betting on this blockchain-based technology as an additional option to the traditional ones to do business. The fact that one of the managers that has become popular for web stores is Shopify. He has collaborated in expanding this list that we show, since it offers the implicit option of accepting Bitcoins as a payment method. So in doubt, what to buy with bitcoins? We could say that currently almost anything can be acquired using our balance in Bitcoin. Bitcoins in the tangible world In the physical world there are large companies that already apply the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a policy, which of course gives it confidence, subtracting arguments from its detractors. Some of these companies are fast food and convenience chains; however, it depends on the geographic region where the business is located. Its implementation always depends on the level of technology that the place has and also on current legislation. Some of these physical establishments now even have special points of sale to receive Bitcoins. As we see, there is a very wide range of options to spend in Bitcoins. In addition, the fairly widespread existence of digital wallets allows us to use this cryptocurrency as a refuge of value, and thus we can convert it into any other currency - digital or analog - to acquire goods and services. Of course, everything is in the faith that is granted to Bitcoin and all its crypto pairs (in the sense that they maintain their validity), standing in a corner where they separate from the risks assigned to fiat currencies. For now, we already know what to buy with bitcoins. There are many situations that can lead to co-ownership of a home in which one of the parties wants to liquidate. When doubts arise in this regard, the best recommendation is to contact specialists in the field. Rentalias offers the best advice on real estate, including investing in bare property and life annuities.